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What makes our .ng domains the Best?

Free DNS Features

We Provided Free DNS features like: A Records, CNAMEs, TXT records, MX etc.

Advance Control Panel

Our portal will allow you to have full control of your domain

Attractive Discount

As a Reseller use our API or WHMCS plugin to ge massive discount.

Use .ng domain with your Blog

Once you purchase any .ng domain is easy to intergrate it with your blog.

Domain Security Lock

With Domain lock & Theft Protection, it protect you from unauthorized transfers.

24×7/365 Support

Need any assistance? our premium support work round the clock to assist .

How to register .edu.ng & .gov.ng

Some .NG domains are Closed Extensions like: .edu.ng & .gov.ng The closed domain extensions are strictly available to qualified institutions located in Nigeria only. Applications for the closed .ng domains need to be supported with official documentation.

How to register .edu.ng Domain Name

.edu.ng Reserved only for tertiary academic institutions approved and accredited by relevant authorities like Nigerian University Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), NCCE and any other body recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. click here for more information on how to apply

How to register .gov.ng Domain Name

.gov.ng Restricted to the constituents of the Government of Nigeria at various levels right from Federal, State and local government levels. This will be registered on request. click here for more information on how to apply

We offer free com.ng, .org.ng or .name.ng, .i.ng, .net.ng to all our annual plan, and you can save up 20%!


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5 Year

.ng ₦5,000 ₦10,000 ₦15,000 ₦20,000 ₦25,000
.com.ng ₦1,100 ₦2,200 ₦3,300 ₦4,400 ₦5,500
.org.ng ₦1,100 ₦2,200 ₦3,300 ₦4,400 ₦5,500
.i.ng ₦1,100 ₦2,200 ₦3,300 ₦4,400 ₦5,500
.name.ng ₦500 ₦1,000 ₦1,500 ₦2,000 ₦2,500
.net.ng ₦1,100 ₦2,200 ₦3,300 ₦4,400 ₦5,500
.sch.ng ₦1,100 ₦2,200 ₦3,300 ₦4,400 ₦5,500
.edu.ng ₦5,000 ₦10,000 ₦15,000 ₦20,000 ₦25,000
.gov.ng ₦5,000 ₦10,000 ₦15,000 ₦20,000 ₦25,000
.mil.ng ₦5,000 ₦10,000 ₦15,000 ₦20,000 ₦25,000

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