Dear Customer,

We understand that your Websites contained valuable information about what you do and sometime more valuable than gold and silver. Because you can struggle to earn money anywhere but some important files and records of researches cannot found anywhere. Some files cannot be retrieved forever once it is lost. The resources used to gather all the information, like time, funds, sleepless nights and technical personnel envolved, cannot be an easy thing to have, it is a chance you have that may not be possible to have again.

Hackers and malicious activities are threats, struggling to get access to user's accounts, sites and emails by using so many techniques. recently there are reports of password reset notification. Messages, calls and emails.

SmartWeb don't ask for your password on phone, text messages, or emails to reset your password. Do not pay attention to such alerts. They are false and only a techniques to steal from you. An expired password is force to be changed during login on the same website not another link to reset.

Password is your key to login and you have to handle it with extra caution to protect your site. and emails.

> You have to keep your password PERSONAL
> You have to make your password STRONG
> You have to change your password REGULARLY
> You have to write your password, if possible only in your HEAD
> You have to use your password only on a MALWARE FREE COMPUTER AND DEVICES

Note that security of your site have to do with you, we are doing our part and you ought to take your part to avoid or reduces security issues

You can learn how to make a strong password here

You can have more security hint on on our knowledgebase security pages here

kindly report any suspicious login or password reset request to us on support or security ticket!

Smart Web Nigeria Limited  remains focus, reliable and dedicated to 1 goal - which is, Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Thanks for your esteem patronage, we appreciate your presence with us.

Smartweb Nigeria Limited

Friday, September 16, 2016

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