Maitenance Upgrade and Migration of Files to Another New Servers This Month!

Upgrade is one of the important part to secure your servers from loops that can be penetrated by hackers and malicious activirties, due to outdated servers scripts and applications. And make it work efficiently with better performance. SmartWeb is set to upgrade some Servers and Migrate Users to another new Servers.

This is essential for the better service and performance of the servers. As customers satisfaction is our priorities.

It is obvious that migration at all time comes with little hitches, of incompatibilities and upgrade misconfigurations and such. This can be avoided by taking proper measures and process. We are going to make this process a downtime free or minimal, to avoid service interruption for users. And guidence for those that need to make some chnages from their reseller nameservers or Ip and DNS records.

Ips may be changed on the process, and we are going to provide new ips for those that use ips to redirect or related operations.

Our technical support team remain open for any related help request.

You can make backup of your files and configurations as a precautionary measure when you recieve a message of upgrade in your email. That means your account is one of the site to be worked on. We are hoping and working to have a smooth and successful upgrade and migration process.

We would be updating you about the upgrade process and a direct message will be sent if your site is included on the servers to upgrade.

Thank you for been our customer.

Smart Web Team

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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